George is fed up with all the problems we face everyday and has decided to make the world a better place. Every now and then George identifies one of these problems and comes up with a solution in form of an illustration.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hello, hello, hello. How are you all? Well I have just moved back to London., and I'll tell you one thing: there are serious problems here. They are just coming up to me, every day, smacking me on the face. I can't even count them. It's too much! It does me head in. Problems!
One problem is: pigeons. I don't understand the point of pigeons. Birds in general are a bit scary. I don't know what to expect from them when they hover about the sky like they do. But Pigeons! Not only are they scary, they are also nasty, dumb and mean.  I'll come up with a solution. Oh! And I'll also come up with a solution for the problem of pollution, that seems so be a problem here too. So, come back tomorrow and see when I kill two birds with a big fat stone.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Now here is a problem:
Yes, that's right, the suit. Why, I ask, have we settled for the suit (trousers, shirt, jaket and tie) as being today's international formal wear? This issue, I know, is quite similar to the one about ties, yet it requires another solution. 
Through the centuries the formal dress has taken on different forms in Europe. Take for example the Greek chlamys:
the medieval costume complete with Florentin hose, pointy hood and poulaine shoes :
and the baroque ensemble à la Louis XIV:
Can you notice the variety in styles? Are you impressed by the eclectic mix of coulours and fabric? I am. And that is why I don't understand why we have, for over a century now, chosen to stick to the basic straight-cut-trousers-shirt-jacket-and-tie suit. And it frustrates me because there are so many different contemporary dresses to choose from. For example the African boubou, the Indian Kurta Paijama or the beautiful Barong Tagalog from the Filipines. But no! The SUIT is the lingua franca of the formal wear!
Fine...Let's not get our paned trunk hose in a knot. I've come up with some solutions. Please have a look at my latest designs, which are inspired by popular fashion:

The manager's suit:

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Signs are a funny thing, they are. Last  time I posted an image of a curious one found in elevators in Sweden. At second thought I don't think it had any thing to do with ties. I still don't know what it means, so if you know its significance, please inform me. 
Signs can be confusing. For example, my friend told me this one meant: "Careful! Heavy umbrella!"
Well it doesn't mean that. It means Men at work. It's confusing so I suggest a better sign. An international one:
Men at work